Awaken Your Inner Goddess
Awaken Your Inner Goddess

I transform my reality

i Believe in me
I Believe in me

it's time for me to shine

My heart is open to love
My heart is open to love

I'm aligned to my purpose

Awaken Your Inner Goddess

We base our whole life on moments within time, pieces of information and communication we tell ourselves and then share this signalling with others. Imagine if we were able to follow our natural talents and gifts from an early age and to honour and focus on them. Our talents would lead us to have achievements we would be proud of and our signalling would be strong and clear. For our ‘Life Success and Soul Purpose we will have a solid focus on our confidence and how we bring our genius to life.

The moons guiding light

The Moon and the Sun draw a gravitational pull to be responsible for the rise and fall of the tides. As our bodies are 60% water, the sway of our emotions are directly related to the design of these elements. We will master the ebb and flow of our existence, so we can be in-sync with the process of the cosmic design to bring a more natural harmony to our lives.

Goddess Retreats

We Will Celebrate You

When you complete your 8 Module, 64 lessons in my Awaken Your Inner Goddess course you will receive your Certificate of Recognition that you have stepped up and facilitated your shift. Your Goddess name will be gifted to you and the frequency of it will surround you and move you forward.

Designed Especially For You

Dive into a radiant version of you, following your natural bliss and being one who truely matters. Then send out your inner signals to the world. Now is the time to break free and be the beautiful unique Goddess who is born to make a difference.

The Power of Transformation

As we develop new neural pathways we demystify the processes of constraints and lack of belief in ourselves. We learn to communicate on a deeper level to amplify our reason for why we are here. We support others without taking them out and let go of limiting beliefs that we are not good enough.

Videos Within The Realm Will Guide You

As you journey through this course with me we are connected. We will open up and release possible transgressions that may impede our growth. We are all here to be successful and be the beacon of light to show the way forward.

AYIGoddess Code

A sisterhood of valued friendships come together to experience the truth we are more than just our body. We are a collective consciousness of a higher power of the mystery schools of ancient wisdom, that is coming to light to awaken and celebrate our radiant essence.

Everything Comes Back To Love

We are a sequence of intuitive intelligence and AYIGoddess leads you to embrace this knowing. When the intelligence of our ‘heart light’ grows stronger it is this effervescent state of connection which enables us to see the joy of coming together in love. We embrace the magic in relationships and the magnetic divine power of love.

Words from the Goddesses

I have attended 4 Goddess Gatherings, amazing days and the connections and re-connections are treasured. When you hear and feel the call, you journey deeper within to discover the ‘ real ‘ you waiting patiently.
With each Journey into the Goddess Realm you step into your Goddess name which hints, leads you, until you arrive to your purpose. Jocelyn's insights and facilitation allow you to dive in to the Divinity of you with her pure acceptance openness that honours and supports you . Jocelyn truely touches you. When the yearning beckons don’t turn away
Step up and step into the call . With Love and Gratitude to you Jocelyn,
Blessings to all

Angela Geen

The Goddess workshop. Well what does one say! Just WOW! I came away from this with a totally new perspective of myself. Letting go of what was no longer serving me. The guidance and love felt at this workshop and there after is amazing. Would totally recommend this to anyone. Jocelyn is the Goddess of all Goddesses and is the most beautiful soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Nameste J

Jannine Kelly

I highly recommend this course, learning the truth about the innate power of the body, the Chakra System and how you can incorporate some simple yet profoundly effective daily habits to enhance your life, your relationship (s) with yourself and others. Meeting Jocelyn has transformed my life and awakened me to the power I’ve had all along, it has enhanced the trajectory of my life, my gifts have opened up in immeasurable ways. I am forever grateful to you Jocelyn for sharing your wisdom with such love and non-attachment.

Love Vanessa Browne