Celebrating our 'Inner Light'

@Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Hi I’m Jocelyn pictured here with my granddaughter Taeja Destany. As a young child I have been fascinated by colours surrounding each of us and how these colours play a magnificent role in grouping us with our life purpose. I was very aware by placing hands on or sending thought projections we can change the landscape of ones frequency by illuminating the radiance of our colours.

The variation of the intensity is by elevating our own inner light in order to en-train the energy to another.   Each of us has a vital force and cosmic life to me is viewed as existing harmoniously and in synchronicity with our physical mortal life. 

It is no wonder I am attracted to the Ancient Egyptian mysteries and the celestial bodies of the cycles of the Sun and Moon, the two eyes of heaven. Life in Ancient Egypt kept in harmony with the rise and fall of the River Nile. The inundation of the Nile was an event which took place with the reappearance of certain stars at specific points in the sky. These celestial conditions took place each year. The star Sirius (Sopdet) is the most sacred star and begins the Egyptian year with it’s appearance just before dawn.

I honour the ancient Goddesses in Egypt who were revered for cherishing life and evoking change. Being a mother to all children, being compassionate, resilient, mysterious and magnetic, radiating her soul light and knowing her purpose. These are the ancient gifts of a Star Warrior a wayfarer for the future. It is here ‘Awaken Your Inner Goddess’ was born for you to light up your own magnificent possibilities and join us to be that shift for humanity.

Meet Us

‘Awaken Your Inner Goddess’ is designed for women to embrace her talents and have self love and success. We are aligned to our higher purpose here and facilitate this through our  Blueprint Course, Retreats and selected tools. We focus on health, mental and emotional wellness and ‘Life Success.’  Our dedication is to making a difference in the world by uplifting and empowerment.

Our passion is to serve through Motivation, Team values, Innovation, Social Awareness, Youth at Risk, Trauma Recovery, Assessment, Value Discovery, Inspirational, Conscious Healing, Visionary Planning, and Credibility Experience.

Our work supports TAO Charitable Trust

Our TAO Charitable Trust provides critical holistic services and support, including therapies and tools for children, and families.

Taeja Destany

Holistic Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Educator

I thought I would introduce myself my name is Taeja Destany, and I share holistic therapies. In 2014 I received my Reiki 1 certificate at Earth Spa, Auckland. In 2017 I received my Diploma in App Science from AUT, and went on to study Chiropractic in 2018. In 2016 I received my certification for doTERRA AromaTouch in Waiuku. I started to practice Kundalini meditation with Jocelyn Oades at the @awakenyourinnergoddess workshops, then professionally as well as guided meditations in 2019. I hope to encourage people to begin/continue their individual holistic journey. There is no right time to start/continue your holistic journey

Jocelyn Oades

Holistic Wellness Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Educator, Author, Founder

Hi I am a professional Wellness Facilitator and have devoted my life to both the development of wellness and business. As a Reiki Master Teacher I support and work through blockages to allow a powerful catalyst for change. My owning an organic Health Spa for 20 years has enabled sharing organic practices and education. Being a NZ Founder with doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils, and AromaTouch Technique Trainer has given us Nature’s tools to support emotional and physical wellbeing.