‘Awaken Your Inner Goddess’ was born from the ‘Ancient Mystery Schools’ in Egypt where I traveled and spent time in the pyramids and ‘Saqqara’ my favourite place a dynasty serving as an important historical site for 5,000 years plus of Egyptian history.

It is here the information of raising the vibration of feminine energy to bring a balance to humankind was shown to me in the Great Pyramid with a continuous download of ancient wisdom.

I was shown the anointing of humanity to bring back plant medicine and how ‘The Goddesses’ who are in all cultures are revered for their leadership and their mysterious magnetic presence. Those called to be of service will rise up and claim and support our Earth home.

Our role is to activate and support all women to claim their life purpose to underpin and embrace the sanctuary of our body with confidence and ease. The integration and amalgamation of science and spirit is here now to see how thoughts become things. It is an honour for us to support you in The Awakening of your Inner Goddess. 



We are all in transit from one place to another and by design we are all trying to get by. When we up-level and gain strength with mutual support we can develop better traction and advantage through connections with like minded women who wholeheartedly care.

Our vision is to be that care and support by education, holistic therapies and assisting others to do the same.

Our end goal at AYIG is to serve women in your ‘Life Success’ toward your personal soul purpose. We wish to enrich lives and improve families and build relationships to attract abundance. We choose to participate in accomplishment’s which provide ongoing education in the wellness and authentic business arena.

We celebrate all women in each stage of our journey to reach our full potential.

Upcoming Events

2021 - February
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2021 - April
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