Introducing our Goddesses

Here we share and honour the beautiful talents of each Goddess. Some of the gifts on our online store have been crafted with love as a personal tribute to our Goddesses, who are sharing their passion for the highest good of humanity.
When you choose a gift from our store, you will know we give back to our TAO Charitable Trust. Trust-Align-Oneness. And your gift can be sent to a loved one knowing it has a beautiful story behind it, crafted with love.
Aroha nui

Taeja Destany

Freedom and Fire

taejadestany | holistic therapies

I find the actual transition from solely a ‘woman’ - into a ‘mother’ is never discussed. We do however, live in a society that doesn’t seem to celebrate motherhood as much as it should. For me personally, motherhood has allowed me to unlock a strength and a power as a woman, I have never felt before.
A different appreciation for my body.
A different appreciation for my soul.
For me personally, my ability to facilitate healing has felt so enhanced through this experience. I now have a new love for myself which grows with my love for my baby love to all the māmās

taejadestany | holistic therapies
• Reiki
• AromaTouch Practitioner
• Tarot
• Meditation
• Essential oils
• Mental health space

Alison Birtwistle

Sultry Fire

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Angela Geen

Crystalline Feather

Angela offers you:
dōTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate
AromaTouch™ Technique

Carol Greenslade

Lotus Blossom

Hi, I'm Carol, As a mother of four grown children and grandmother, I care deeply for Mother Earth and the healing of mankind and to care for our planet. My love for doTERRA Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils support our physical and emotional wellness. With a degree in Health Science, my passion is to empower people by making their own doTERRA cleaning products while removing toxins and chemicals from our bodies, homes and environment. This in turn has a healthy flow with respect for nature. I love to share the oils with others while embracing and receiving their healing effects.

Jocelyn Oades

Elestial Crystal Star

Flight of The Spirit is my personal story of my journey. It gives invaluable narration on how to mentor oneself, uplift and inspire you to honour our emotions, prosper, and live a life we love.
As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have dedicated my life to developing wellness and business. I founded Awaken Your Inner Goddess courses and retreats to support women and Awaken Your Inner Greatness Soul Purpose to assist self-enabled advancement.
As a doTERRA, NZ Founder for Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils; I educate on the efficacy of pure products which enhance a holistic lifestyle.
I was trained as an InsincLife Life Strategist & Wellness Facilitator. I have owned and operated two organic Health Spas, 'X Factor and 'Earth Spa'. I am utilising holistic therapies, courses and retreats to create change and growth with a deeper understanding and social awareness of at-risk youth and trauma recovery.
I am GIA Wellness Consultant for wireless, cell phone and electromagnetic protection with education to reduce and protect our energy field from exposure.
I have worked at our family business for 33 years in accounts and office management.
My TAO Charitable Trust intention is born from a vision to empower children and create support systems for youth and families. Our priority is holistic therapies and tools to support families.
TRUST ALIGN ONENESS is coming together in one cause.

Shannon Dunn

Crystal Moonbeam

Shannon Dunn is a mother-of-two, journalist, eco beauty and holistic wellness guide. Her work focuses on guiding women to see and embrace their innate wisdom and power.

Shannon is also a Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Access BARS and AromaTouch Technique practitioner. She is passionate about spreading the message that real health can only truly be attained through body, mind, and spirit synergy.

Jodene Hickey

Crystal Sunburst

doTERRA Essential Oils
Reiki AromaTouch Massage
Relaxation Massage

Vanessa Griffin

Rainbow Mist

My mission is to offer you a Personable & Value packed Service. It's all about creating lasting relationships and 'Making your Dreams a REALITY
My community focus has been as a Tai Chi Teacher for over 20 years which is done on a voluntary basis - a great balancer and my special interests is Aromatherapy and Natural Health.
I bring 33 years of Sales Experience with a creative flair and an extensive background in Sales, great communication, marketing, and presentation and negotiation skills, so important in business - especially when your biggest asset is being sold. Being task orientated and seeing a job through to completion, creating repeat and referral business with lasting relationships is what it is all about.
Real Estate is a People Business - it is incredibly rewarding helping others achieve their desired results.
Yes, I am client-focused - it's all about YOU.