‘Life Success’ Courses & Retreats are Empowering

When you attend a Goddess Retreat you will participate in a 2-3-day experience to up level and commit with intention to your new way of being. Our online training and courses tap into your journey at your pace with intense responses that keep you motivated and on track.
Our main objective is to have clear intuition and true consciousness. Learning to trust our feelings opens the gateway to a more conscious way of living while trust and faith in ourselves guide us through change and growth to engage in our new reality.

Awaken Your Inner Goddess Blueprint Course

My online AYIGoddess Blueprint course allows you to work at your level so you can have immediate 'Life Success without the fluff.' A step by step guide of Levels I & II so you can dive deep into your purpose with confidence. Learn how to take advantage of your unique gifts to increase your self value. To be an action taker it means releasing the old inner patterns of self sabotage to be the woman you were born to be.
You will meet other like minded Goddesses who you can connect with to affirm your beliefs others care about you. As we grow in this knowledge we are 'Sisters of The Light' we can solidify our changes and master our unique differences. We then have the life we desire through personal success and transformation.

Reiki Degree  I  II & III Online Training

Reiki is a potent life force energy. A Reiki practitioner channels this energy for healing purposes through the laying on of hands. It is the vibration of unconditional love and is a powerful way to bring this healing into your life.
I have been trained in the Japanese Healing Art of The Shinpiden Master Teacher of Komyo Reiki Kai with Hyakuten Inamoto and as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher.
Reiki First Degree is for the Physical healing for self and others. Reiki Second Degree is for Emotional and Mental healing. Reiki Third Degree is for the Sacred Soul level.
Through our online platform we can reach into the very heat of healing in the comfort of your own home. You will learn the ancient art of bringing this Sacred energy to life.