Yoni Clear Quartz Goddess Egg (Medium)


In Egypt, a Priestess and women in concubines wore polished stones to support good body function, access sexual power and awaken sensuality.

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Yoni Clear Quartz Goddess Egg

In the Royal Palace in China they were carved out of Jade and worn to increase sensuality, awaken your libido and gain control over your pelvic muscles and become more centered.
Your Yoni Egg has a small hole drilled through the narrow end, you can thread unwaxed dental floss or organic cotton string if you feel comfortable.
Quartz brings the energy of the ancient ones, as far back as Lemuria and Atlantis and harnesses the energy of the Sun’s solar power to send out a high frequency to the world. A source of light to mankind. It is healing, uplifting and gives higher guidance to the heart and mind.
Grow in your awareness of your body. As you traverse your path of enlightenment and transformation, your Goddess Egg will help you heal and awaken you to the unique essence of you.
Our Awaken Your Inner Goddess Eggs are chosen especially for you. Each is cleansed and blessed to assist you on your journey of the empowered female essence. The large and medium are great for beginners. For care and empowerment of your egg, information will be included.

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Dimensions 11 cm



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