Larimar Sterling Silver Ring *size 11


The serene blue colour is the embodiment of the Goddess herself.

Size 11

1.2cm x 1.2cm

In stock



Larimar is a rare blue variety of pectolite. This water stone is locked in with its volcanic roots as a firestone. This is a rare duality to combine these two energies. The serene blue colour is the embodiment of the Goddess herself. This Goddess jewel brings the ancient wisdom from Atlantis into the now while bathing the wearer with strength and resilience.
As we dissolve emotional barriers, we access the soothing, healing waters of cleansing like the azure blue ocean of the Mediterranean Sea. The throat chakra is associated with Larimar to assist in speaking your truth with love. This stone supports clear and honest communication, calming fears and cooling rising anger as pure water puts out the flame.
Larimar is powerful during meditation and releases feelings of being held in emotional patterns such as ancestral trauma. She can calm and seduce you into relaxation like the gentle lapping of the seashore. She can lift you up and raise your vibration like the soft clouds in the sky.
Your gemstone ring has been cleansed, energised, blessed, and bathed in the starlight and moonglow.







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