Goddess Earth’s Taonga Statement Elongated Breastplate


The Goddess chosen to wear this will; allow a magnetic influence to surround her.

12 x 5cm



Goddess Earth’s Taonga Statement Elongated Breastplate- 12 x 5cm


The Goddess chosen to wear this will; allow a magnetic influence to surround her. She is well supported and protected as this taonga covers her thymus and upper chest. A rich and varied stone, serpentinite is one of three pounamu stones used in traditional carving, and one of the most recognisable. A metamorphic stone formed from antigorite, lizardite and chrysotile, this wide mix of minerals produce a stone of immense complexity, and individual pieces can contain colours ranging from deep moss green to aquatic blue, with gold, orange, and brown highlights. Serpentinite is a healing stone that replenishes and restores energies within the body and creates a protective field around its wearer. Sometimes porous, serpentinite can absorb oils from your skin and its colour may deepen over time – this should not be seen as a flaw but as part of the stone’s natural evolution with its wearer. I have chosen these pieces as they are perfect to wear whilst facilitating emotional clearing and to strengthen our upper chakras. Our Goddess carvers are Mia & Sara – Mother/daughter team from the West Coast of the South Island carve these beautiful unique pieces of NZ Stone. Each are individually created, carved and are hand finished. These statement pieces are a Taonga to represent the powerful unique symbol for self-love and drawing in love. I have blessed and bathed your taonga in the New moon glow for powerful movement forward. Arohanui Xx Hand-braided Hand-dyed extendable chord.


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