Goddess Earth’s Taonga Statement Angel Wings


Our beautiful Angel Wings is carved from a rare Otago pink Rhodonite.

8.8cm x 4.5cm



Goddess Earth’s Taonga Statement Angel Wings – Heart, Otago Pink Rhodonite 8.8cm x 4.5cm

Our beautiful Angel Wings is carved from a rare Otago pink Rhodonite. Creamy pink bands of quartz combine with velvety purple and earthy browns to create a unique variety of New Zealand Stone. A stunning pink stone with the inclusion of a black pyrolusite star. Rhodonite stirs up pleasurable experiences as the wearer focuses on the heart’s energy. The beauty of Rhodonite finds its name from the Greek word for Rose Rhodon and is associated with the love of self and the lovers. This is an emotional healing stone to reach out to receive your desired love. Your unique Goddess Angel Wings is holding the space of connection for you to protect and guide you as a Taonga over the thymus area and close to the heart. Soothing and joyfully, it sends its signal through the arteries and circulatory system to arrive at the heart for its energy to be sent around the body to heal. A vivid pink stone with white, brown, and occasionally purple highlights, rhodonite is formed from manganese silicate and is usually found with a black ‘rind’ of pyrolusite. Its colour can range from light candyfloss pink to garnet red, and its soft, feminine hues balance the strong forms of our carvings. Our Goddess carvers are Mia & Sara – A mother/daughter team from the West Coast of the South Island carve these beautiful unique pieces of NZ Stone Gathered by hand just south of Dunedin, New Zealand; it is the only stone we work with from the east coast. . Each is individually created, carved, and hand-finished. These statement pieces are a Taonga to represent the powerful unique symbol of female connection to her ancestry. Hand-braided light tan Hand-dyed extendable chord.


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