Azure Blue Empress Baltic Amber and Crystal Bracelet *18cm


Crystals of Apatite, Lapis Lazuli, and Aquamarine with deep Baltic Amber to tap into the higher realms.

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Baltic Amber genuine contains 3-8% succinic acid, a natural analgesic and healing agent as pain relief and anti-inflammatory. Amber is linked to your power centre and to create abundance.

Apatite is one of the Goddess Crystals. It supports goal setting and clears all negativity and stimulates the Pineal to expand on the truth of all life for collective oneness.

Lapis Lazuli activates the higher mind, intellect and memory. This Stone was extensively used in Egypt for activating honesty of the Spirit. Lapis Lazuli invites loving communication and the voice of truth.

Aquamarine is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. It is a treasure of the sea for fearlessness and protection. It is a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Care of your Azure Blue Empress Bracelet is minimal. Wash in water after swimming. Occasionally wipe with a soft cloth and leave in the moonlight overnight to charge

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Dimensions 19 cm

Blue, Golden Sun